Web Development

Project Introduction

Now I'm an Information Technology graduate with an emphasize in Systems and Securities, but that track had its limits. There's just far too much out there I want to know about. So, I spent my electives learning about things I found useful. One of those things was web development. I took a course learning the fundamentals, and then I took a course digging into the darker corners. All in all, I can say I learned enough to do what I want to do, and enough to keep myself out of trouble. The page your reading now exhibits my elementary capabilities.

Developing for non-profit

I'm not sure when you're reading this, so we're going to go by my time.

Just recently I started developing a website for a non-profit organization called Georgia Blind Sports Association (GBSA). I have an invested interest, in that, I am a member of the organization. Everything with GBSA is funded by its members right now, so there was no extra funds for hiring a professional web developer. It is not an area that I consider myself an expert, but I knew "I knew" enough to get the job done.

Learning my lessons, I also knew you shouldn't reinvent the wheel, if you dont have to, so I started looking for some templates I liked. Yes, I could've used something like Wordpress, but I wanted more control over the content. Wordpress can be a bit limiting, unless you're willing to really dig in there. I just didn't have the time for that. So, I found what I liked, I went to work when I could, and here's the result thus far:

Georgia Blinds Sports Association

And to be completely honest with you, the thing that takes the most time is media. I spend forever finding high quality images and making them fit just the way I want.