Why are you here?

That's a great question! I'm not going to get all philosophical on you. Relax. Nonetheless, let's address that question. We'll have to go back to a beginning, but I promise, not too far back. Look, the paragraphs aren't that big. We'll only go back to a beginning of an awareness of something I wanted, but as it turned out, as was usually the case, I didn't have. Yes, those awarenesses happen quite often, but focus.

The not so arbitrary beginning I'm referring to was during my IT education. I found myself delving into web development, for one project or another, and that "awareness" turned into a realization. I've always wanted my own webpage! Not that I believed I had something to offer, that warranted my very own .com, but who said wanting was practical. I figured, throw narcissism aside, since I know how to build websites, why not go ahead and build one for myself?

And there you have it. See, that wasn't that long of an explanation. However, we must return to the question I asked in the beginning, "why are YOU here?" If you're looking for the ultimate answer, Deep Think says it's 42. If you're not delving so deep into the meaning of life, and maybe just looking for some IT knowledge, I do have a little information I've gathered in the Repository link. Feel free to take advantage. But, I promise nothing, accept that there is something there. Whether or not the something is good is completely in your subjective control.

"Nonetheless," that's a fun word.

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